Day 161- Yearbook and Husband to the Rescue

As a Comm. Arts teacher, I had job of handing out yearbooks to all of my students.  I had been telling the kids all year as they got little reminders to order that if any of them needed a little help, they should approach me privately, and we'd work something out.  Our yearbook is not your typical middle school book (or at least it's not the floppy kind I got in middle school).  It is a full color, hard cover, nice looking, yet expensive type deal. 

A kid looked all sad in my class today as the other kids got their yearbooks, laughed at all the pictures, and started signing.

By the end of the day, the student brought me his yearbook to sign.  He was beaming.  The thanks in his eyes warmed my heart.


I DID IT!  I finally finished my grading for the year.  It is hard to believe that I will not have another paper to grade until August.  WOO HOO!  I'll miss my kids, but I won't miss the grading.

My husband really helped to make this moment possible today.  I decided to stay at school tonight for as long as it took until it was done.  I didn't want to bring a bunch of stuff home, and I was ready to have this thrilling moment of realizing my work for the year was just about done.  Tom brought takeout food and tallied project votes and was every bit the perfect teacher's husband.  One year in, and he's already a pro!

Thank you, husband to the rescue, you made my day.   


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