Day 146- Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr + The View= Magic

"My son yesterday at his school, it was dress as your favorite rockstar or actor day.  He called me on the phone before I was about to do, uh, this big press tour and, you know, I'm super nervous because you want people to buy your book, and he says 'Daddy, today is dress like your favorite star, your favorite actor,' and I'm like ohh Indiana Jones, Hans Solo.  He goes 'I'm gonna dress like you.'  And I'm like right about to go on camera, and I almost start crying, and I go 'Buddy, how are you- what are you gonna wear to dress like me?' and he goes 'I can't really explain it, but they'll know, like, from my energy.'"

Awwww.  Sweet. 

"Your child does something all day where you just have no idea what they're doing... like why does he take all his clothes off to poop?  What's wrong with him?!"

"I'm done... two words you never want to hear because they're either handing you trash, or you have to clean them up."


He asked his dad what he would do to improve as a dad.  His dad told him he would do a better job of showing his love.  "I realized your parents are giving you every single thing they got.  You gotta let go of your resentment, drop the rock.  There's no rainy day fund, there's nothing up their sleeve for one day when you're having a rough day that they're gonna go 'I love you!'  They're giving you everything they got, and you gotta love them back with everything you got.  My father's answer to 'What's the easiest thing about loving your children?' my father's answer was 'loving them unconditionally.'  Reading that, I just started crying."


Then he proceeded to tell a story about how he and his wife always saw the adult diapers next to the others when they were buying diapers for their son.  So, they decided to try them one day.  The result?  The two of them were running around the house "laughing like pot heads."  The punchline?  "You know what's really amazing?  I'm peeing right now!"

I guess you had to see it.  Funny.

I'm pretty sure the next time I leave Barnes and Noble, I will have used my special card to purchase his book :).

Thank you, Jay Mohr, you made my day.


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