Day 164- Sheltering Arms Senior Services and Memorial Day BBQ

I was thankful last year for Carol, a woman who was not too proud to accept some help from me.  I Tetrised (a new word?) a patio set into her car for her at good ol' HD and helped build and lift stuff.  I got as much out of the deal as she did.  It made me feel good.

In honor of this, I found an organization that helps out senior citizens.  It's called Sheltering Arms Senior Services, and they seem to do wonderful work.  I really like their motto, which is "Preserving Dignity and Independence".  Their mission is:

Sheltering Arms Senior Services is a nonprofit organization committed to the health and well-being of older adults and their family caregivers. Our mission is to promote the dignity and independence of older adults through service, advocacy, and support for caregivers.


When we left Seattle a few years ago, I was happy to be starting the next phase of our lives, to go back to school, and to start teaching.  I was also ready to not be so far away from my family and the time zone that many of my friends lived in.  The one thing I was really sad to leave behind was the group of amazing friends we made while we were there.

Tom and I spent a lot of time as just the two of us when we first moved here.  Well, it was actually just the three of us because we got General shortly after moving into our house.  We were settling in and getting to know the area, and we liked hanging out with the dog as he adjusted to life in our family.  We were also both working at jobs with a lot of people who were way older than we were, so we didn't have the kinds of friends we were both used to from all the other aspects of our lives.

Little by little, we started to pick up some wonderful friends along the way.  Once I started my first teaching job this year, the good people came in abundance.  I am surrounded by fabulous people, and I feel so blessed to have much such great friends.  I thought this all day today as Tom and I hung out with a bunch of these friends at a Memorial Day BBQ this afternoon.  It feels as if we have known these people for a long time (even though it's been less than a year), and I know that we'll know them for a long time to come.

It also didn't hurt that they grilled some outstanding pork steaks and praised my cooking. :)

Thank you, Memorial Day BBQ, you made my day.


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