Day 167- Pitch in for Baseball and First Pool Day

What a difference a year makes!  Armando Galarraga technically (but not officially) pitched a perfect game for the Tigers last year.  He's currently playing for the Diamondbacks now and not even a Tiger anymore, but I'd still like to make a donation in honor of his (almost?) accomplishment last year.

Pitch in for Baseball is a charity that focuses on kids.  The program lists four crucial goals on its website:

• To support the growth of baseball in the U.S. and internationally.
• To give kids equipment so they can get out, have fun and stay healthy.
• To teach kids important lessons through baseball, like teamwork and sportsmanship.
• To make friends across the world through America's pastime.

These are all really excellent lessons for kids, and I think Galarraga would be proud.


After our teacher breakfast and a short stint at school, I am officially DONE for this school year.  I think that means I am no longer a first year teacher.  Woo hoo!

In order to celebrate, a few of my friends and I went to the pool... the first pool day of the summer (for me, at least)!!  We chatted and tanned and dipped in the pool and giggle and just plain celebrated the fact that this is the first of many pool days to come over the next few months.  I could get used to this!

Thank you, first pool day, you made my day.


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