Day 165- Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust and "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!"

Speaking of Memorial Day... it was on this date last year.  Here's an excellent charity that helps out our veterans.

Not only is this one of the highest ratings I've ever seen for a charity on, it is also on their list of "10 Consistently Excellent Charities".  The program helps veterans in a variety of ways:

•Helping to maintain a volunteer-operated transportation network providing rides to sick and disabled veterans needing transportation to and from VA medical centers for treatment;

•Providing food and shelter and connecting homeless and needy veterans to essential medical care, VA benefits counseling and job training;

•Meeting the special needs of veterans faced with specific disabilities such as blindness and amputation;

•Supporting significant therapeutic initiatives;

•Supporting physical and psychological rehabilitation projects aimed at some of America’s most profoundly disabled veterans; and

•Bringing hope to the forgotten and suffering families of disabled veterans.

God Bless America and our veterans!


I think my facebook status sums this one up best (oooh... a new format!).

Although this sounds totally lame, I rule! I baked all morning yesterday and shoveled gravel all afternoon. I herded 8th graders today in my flouncy dress, then surprised even myself with my strength and endurance as I soaked through my camo hauling patio blocks. I may have to be wheeled in for the last day of school tomorrow and probably won't be so pleased with myself, but... for now... I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!

Man, I worked hard. 

Thank you, "I am woman, hear me roar!", you made my day.


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