Day 10- iPod

My iPod knows me. I know that I am the one who inputs the music, but the iPod chooses the songs for me, and it always knows just what to do.

Today Tom and I made the eight hour trek from Michigan back to Missouri, and it was looooooooooong. Luckily, the trusty iPod knew just what to do. When Tom was about to road rage on a guy, it picked out "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz to calm him down. When we were both drowsy, it gave us "Like a Prayer" to get us dancing and keep us alert. When my stomach was growling but I didn't want to stop to eat too soon, it gave me "At This Moment," because it knew I would sing so loud that I wouldn't be able to hear or think hunger. I could go on and on...

Thank you, iPod, you made my day.


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