Day 3- Miss Caitlin Miller

Two things I really love:

1. Love
2. When good things happen to good people.

Caitlin was one of my good friends in Seattle. We worked together, and she didn't like me at first (I don't make the best first impression, story of my life). She later told me once we were friends that this was because I made an offhand comment one time about how I didn't study a ton in college, and she thought I meant I didn't have to study like some people. We got over that pretty quickly.

Once we both got promoted and shared a wall between our new cubes, we learned that we shared a lot of other things as well- love of celebrity gossip, ANTM, food (Metropolitan Market!! Relish tray!), dogs, NYC, not brushing our hair, 80's power ballads, whirlyball, and so much more. We also bonded over board games, nacho dip, Octoberfest and pub crawls with our delightful men. Caitlin was truly a ray of sunshine in the drizzle and fog of Seattle. She made going to work a little better, knowing that she was just a conference call, instant message, or head pop above the cube away.

This girl who once thought we would never be friends shared some very special news with me today. I couldn't be happier for her for finding someone who wants to make her day every day for the rest of her life :).

Thanks, Caitlin Miller, you made my day.


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