Day 8- Aunt Peach... and the Rest of the Stasik Family

There ain't nothin' not affected
When two hearts get connected
All that is, will be, or ever was
Every single choice we make
Every breath we get to take
Is all because two people fell in love
Brad Paisley

Fifty nine years ago a dashing young Polish gentleman took a stunning Irish beauty on a first date to Midnight Mass. They've been together ever since. Today they celebrated yet another wonderful Christmas, surrounded by the love and family they have created together.

Today's Memorable Quotes

"This isn't even a spiked punch this year, is it? Oh, it is...? Ruh roh!" (Lauren)

"Um, yeah Mom, you can tell Uncle Susie about it." (Matt, in regards to his new lady friend, amidst his teen angst)

"Matthew, we are just as proud of you as you are of us." (Lauren)

"Write that down. Wait, someone is writing that down. Great!" (Maria)

"I did not cry this year when we watched that movie." (Peach)
"You did too, you big pansy!" (Lauren)

"Ooh! Did you need someone to sample that? No? How about that?" (Tom F.)

"I told the girls the other day that they're going to be old maids... there will be no one left, and they'll have to marry each other." (Peach)

"Matt, this isn't what love looks like." (Lauren)

"Oh, aren't I going to be a sexpot!" (Grandma)
"The question is, where are you going to be a sexpot?" (Grandpa)
"...and with whom?" (Geno)

"Is that a fancy hanky?" (Dad, in response to the beautiful custom-made scarf my mom gave Lauren)

"Everyone else got Bo, but we got Woody." (Tom G.)
"Tom gets a Woody all the time." (Peach)

"Ok, ok, we've picked on Matt enough. Let's move on to Maria. So, Maria, who's this new boy? What is he majoring in?" (Mom)
"Theater." (Maria)
"Can he support you with that?" (Mom)

(To Sandy)"Stand up. Put your hands on me. All over me!" (Tom G.)

(In reference to prounouncing khaki as ka-hee-key as a child) "That's a sure sign of a child who spent too much time with books and too little time socializing." (Lauren)

"I'm going to start making a list of things that make me touch myself." (Dad, obviously)

"I like your dress. I could have knitted that." (Peach)

"Put THAT in your birdhouse!" (The Terribly Witty Author of this Blog)

"How come every time I start talking, you put the pencil down? You don't even give me a chance to be funny!" (Geno)

"Why are you all of a sudden acting like you like me? Go away! I want to eat my cake." (Peach)

I couldn't pick a kookier bunch of people as relatives if I tried, and I certainly wouldn't want to. It's amazing how a few hours with my family can energize me in a way that nothing else can. We laughed. We drank spiked punch. We ate until we couldn't eat another bite. We opened presents for hours. We told stories. We picked on each other. We ate again. We created another year of memories to add to a pile that is now fifty nine years old.

Thank you, Aunt Peach... and the Rest of the Stasik Family, you made my day.

P.S. We missed you Amanda and Jason! We thought of you often and probably told a few jokes at your expense so you wouldn't feel left out :)


sandyknitwit said…
That punch MUST have been spiked---I don't remember any of this!

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