Day 5- Matt Vogrich

This blog hit its first snag yesterday, and I am posting a bit late. It's not because I couldn't find anything positive to say because there is always something positive and always a moment worth being thankful for. Rather, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I did not get home until early this morning. That's the bad news.

The good news is that I got to go to a Michigan basketball game with my family yesterday. Not only did Michigan win, but we got to see freshmen Matt Vogrich sink a couple of threes. I love it when guys like that get in the game and get a chance to hear the cheers of the crowd :). I think it is moments like that- void of inflated salaries or egos or any of that nonsense- that make sports so much fun to watch. In the grand scheme of things, his baskets didn't win a championship or an endorsement, or even a gaggle of jersey chasers, but I am sure he will remember that feeling he must have had for the rest of his life.

Thanks, Matt Vogrich, you made my day.


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