Day 7- Mierzwa Family

Mierzwa Family Christmas Eve 2009

Cast of Characters:

Sue and Terry
Jessi and Tom
Virginia(Grandma Ginny)
Adam and Laurie
Trudy and Leonard
Lynn and Bruce
Melissa, Larry, and Hayden
Ashley and Brandon

Memorable Quotes

"It ain't female stuff because I don't have any lady parts left." (Trudy)

"Tim's the only one getting a gift this year because he doesn't have anyone." (Ginny)

"Do you want to watch Family Feud? Anyone want to watch?" (Ginny)
"No, we want to keep the news on so we can see the weather." (Dad)
"Ok, I'll turn it on then." (Ginny flips to FF)

"How come they don't come read the meter on my house?" (Trudy)
"Probably because you live in a really bad neighborhood!" (Terry)

"It's about time they left! I tried to get them to leave an hour ago. What is it they say? If at first you don't succeed, try again!" (Larry)

"If you please your man, he won't mess around on you. I used to do it with your grandpa every Saturday morning. That's how Terry and Lynn were made." (Ginny, of course)

"So I found a hair in my coney sauce. The owner came out and told me he would get me another one if I wanted. I told him not to bother unless they had a whole other batch of sauce. He asked me what I wanted him to do, and I told him to f off. Then, my friend Tom that I was eating with told him we would beat him up. He told us he'd call the cops, and we said 'Do it!' while we were walking out the door. Hmph." (Tim)

"When I called to talk to Terry in the hospital, the lady at the switchboard told me she used to be married to a Mierzwa. 'Barb?' I said. 'No, Irene," she said. 'Irene, this is your ex-husband Tim.' 'Oh.'" (Tim)

Thank you, Mierzwa Family, you made my day.


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