Day 100- Baby Buggy and Meat Mallet

I really like the tagline for this charity: Love.  Recycled.

This organization ties in well with my activities last year.  A year ago today, I was at a baby shower for my dear friend Annieka to celebrate the new life she would be bringing into the world.  Little Maks, who had not yet been born, brought in some good loot that day :).  It was also clear by looking around the room that he would be surrounded by love.

The Baby Buggy charity can't provide kids with love, but it can sure help out with the loot!  It helps families in need with "essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children."  There are three different ways to get involved with this non-profit.

1. Volunteer
2. Recycle- they thrive on donations of gently used essentials
3. Donate

Since I don't have any kids yet (an no gently used items to go with them), I made my donation for the day online.

Is anyone out there donation with me?  Today or any other day?  I'd love to hear from you!


I tried out a new chicken recipe tonight, and it was delicious.  It was also fun to make... especially the first part.
I got to wield my meat mallet tonight.  Boy, that's satisfying.
The recipe involved spreading stuff onto chicken and rolling it up before baking it.  This required my chicken breasts to be flattened.  That's where the good ol' mallet came in.  I know that this blog is a positivity only zone, so you don't hear any other kinds of junk from me.  However, I'm only human, and it never hurts to take out a little aggression now and then. 
Thwack!  Thwack!  Thwack!  I think everyone could be more positive if they just had a good weekly session with a meat mallet. 
Thank you, meat mallet, you made my day.


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