Day 81- Loads of Hope and Paczki

Clean laundry is somewhat hard to come by at times in the Ferri household lately.  Tom has been really good about picking up my slack on this one a lot of the time, but it seems as if there is always laundry to be done.  Even when it's clean, it needs to be folded.  When it's folded, it needs to be put away.  I'm sure you know what I mean. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still totally and completely in love with clean clothes.  I love the smell of laundry.  I love how it feels and looks too.  While others dream of sleeping in piles of money, I dream of sleeping on mountains of clean clothes.  I must admit that this has been a little too close to my reality lately... I'll get this whole Superwoman-I-can-do-everything act down soon, I promise.  I'm getting closer!

In any case, I wish for clean laundry for everyone.  The Tide Loads of Hope program shares that very same goal, and it is a perfect place to make my donation today. 

In times of disaster people turn to the most basic of human needs—and one of those is clean clothes. The Tide Loads of Hope program provides relief by means of a mobile laundromat. One truck and a fleet of vans house over 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers that are capable of cleaning over 300 loads of laundry every day. We wash, dry and fold the clothes for these families for free. Because, as we’ve learned, sometimes even the littlest things can make a big, big difference.
How it works:

1.  Disaster Strikes- A disaster occurs making relief necessary for the families affected.
2.  Help Is Sent- We send our mobile laundromat fleet to the location.
3. Laundry Provided- We spend multiple days at the disaster site washing, drying and folding clothes for the families affected.

How great is that?  There are a few different ways you can pitch in.  Check out the website!

I purchased a "Loads of Hope" t-shirt, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the program.  I have also decided to do a giveaway using the shirt with my classes.  I've been thinking of ways to try to get them involved in volunteering and service projects, and this shirt can serve as a perfect incentive once I being to implement.  It's a twofer today. :)


In celebration of my half Polish heritage and of Fat Tuesday, Tom got me some paczki before he left the other day.  He also got some for me to take into work to share.  Pretty much everyone I work with is on a diet, and they all refused leftover pizza from my Ac Lab treat on Friday.  I rationalized that there was no point in taking any of these in today because I would just be turned down once more.

I then proceeded to eat more of these bad boys than I would care to admit.  By myself.  Delicioso!

I thoroughly enjoyed this once a year treat.  In fact, I probably still have a little powdered sugar and filling hiding out somewhere on my face and no one here to make fun of me.  Bliss.  I'll get to that later.  I will also continue to enjoy the rest in preparation for the two-piece swimsuits I will be wearing shortly.  Oops.  Double oops.

Thank you, paczki, you made my day.

P.S. Did you know that chocolate paczki exist?  I'm not sure how authentic these are because I have never seen them before, but honestly, they have taken me beyond the point of caring about this type of small detail.  I don't even like chocolate that much, but  Breathtaking. 


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