Day 104- Breakfast and Take-out

I wrote last year about a student who became very near and dear to my heart.  He was the only one I had to write a detention for during student teaching, and he also became one of my proudest examples.  After a rocky start, we ended up truly learning a great deal from each other.

I have another student who reminds me a lot of the boy from last year.  He got himself into a whole lot of trouble but has been working hard to turn himself around ever since.  I try my best to support these changes in every way I possibly can.  I want him to rise above his circumstances and mistakes.  More importantly, I think he is finally starting to want these things for himself. 

When he came in today, he was acting more like his old self.  He didn't want to work, had a bit of an attitude, and was squirrelly to the max.  This was disappoint to me to say the least after all of the progress he has made.  I wracked my brain to try to figure out what might possibly be causing today's shift.  It dawned on me after a few minutes. 

I had not seen him walking out of breakfast.  He probably hadn't eaten today.  Was it just today?  Did he eat last night?

My donation today was something so small, but it was also important.  I made sure that he ate today.  His whole demeanor changed, he relaxed, and we were back to making forward progress.

How many times have I taken for granted the simple fact that I can eat when I'm hungry... and that I have so much that I often stuff myself even when I'm not?  What kind of huge difference might we be able to make if we each even gave just a little?  I see things on a daily basis that are, simply put, devastating.  I see things that I think most people would rather not believe could possibly exist.  Our kids struggle and will continue to struggle in school until their most basic needs are being met.  They are so strong and so brave, and they need us.  All of us.

There's no link today.  There's no specific charity.  However, I urge you, if you're reading this, to try to find your own small way to make a big difference today.  I promise you that you will receive as much as you give.

Oooh... bad poetry!  It's been a while. 

I like cooking,
I really do.
I make chicken, pork,
and red meat too!

At day's end,
I crave balanced meals.
On goes the chef hat,
off come the heels.

But every now and then,
I'm tired.
Or sometimes
all my stuff's expired.

A menu, a decision,
a short phone call,
Tom picks it up,
and we have it all!

The take-out answers
all our wishes,
and at the end,
there are no dishes.

Thank you, take-out, you made my day.


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