Day 83- The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Maddie*

My former (and future?) applesauce obsession, referenced on the blog on this day last year, can be traced back to one seed, I suppose.  The seed leads to the tree, the tree leads to the apple, and the apple leads to the most delicious of fruit sauces.  Mmmm.

It is only natural that I donate to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation today in honor of my beloved applesauce.  They are a nonprofit focused on planting edible fruit trees.  I love the lovely language they use to speak about the work they do:

Simply put, our goal is to encourage and inspire the planting of 18 billion fruit trees around the world. The land lives for fruit trees. Trees improve the soil, air, and attract water. Water attracts animals. Animals enjoy fruits and spread seeds. 18 billion fruit trees can spring out of the soul of one human being — we believe in thinking big, and loving even more.

That last line is especially pleasing to me.  Plant on!

As I was nearing the end of yet another grading marathon, I got some much needed comic relief.  Nestled between her warm-ups, Maddie wrote me a note.

Dear Mrs. Ferri,

Can you draw me a picture of a cow?  That would be amazing!



I laughed out loud.  This girl is such a character.  She is completely wacky and funny and comfortable in her skin, especially for a middle school girl!  As awful as it is for a teacher to say, she's not nearly as concerned as she should be about her academic career, but I think she's going to turn out okay anyway.  I adore the kid.  My reply was this:

Dear Maddie,

I wish I could.  I am a terrible artist!  Please accept this pig and my apologies instead. :)

Oink oink,

Mrs. Ferri

I gave that pig my best try!  I even practiced it on a separate sheet of paper first.  I hope to hear a little giggle when she gets her paper back tomorrow.  It is my own small offering as a thanks to her for helping me laugh my way through the end of tonight's stack.

Thank you, Maddie*, you made my day.


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