Day 92- My Tan

One of my coworkers challenged me to a contest before we left.  She was going to Florida, and she said that we should see which one of us would come back with a better tan.  Clearly I have fooled her with my wintery-white-hasn't-been-thoroughly-tanned-in-three-years-but-still-tans-well-when-given-the-chance skin.  It is also apparent that she does not know me that well yet.

I don't lose.

I have been responsible.  I have tons of sunscreen and a hat, and I have been very careful to tan in the safest way possible.  I know that no tan is really safe, but I also know that it makes me happy to be toasted a golden brown every now and then.

Plus, I like winning.

Thank you, my tan, you made my day.


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