Day 82- Sunshine Kids Foundation and Bridesmaid Dress

It's funny sometimes how these days line up.  I cracked up when I looked at last year's post about my bright yellow sweater and how I wore it to "sunny up" my day.  It turns out that I did the exact same thing today with a blousy floral shirt. 

In the spirit of the yellow sweater and what it represents, today's donation was made to the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

The Sunshine Kids Foundation adds quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with exciting, positive group activities, so they may once again do what kids are supposed to do . . . have fun and celebrate life!

We look forward to the day when The Sunshine Kids Foundation will no longer need to exist. Until that time, the entire Sunshine Kids family is dedicated to providing the most exciting activities, trips and events for as many young cancer patients as possible.

I hope my donation can help bring a little bit of sunshine to someone else. :)

Let's keep this short and sweet.  Mama's gotta get to bed so she can make it two more days...

Know what else is short and sweet?  The dress I just ordered to be a bridesmaid in my delightful friend Carolyn's wedding.

I'm so excited for her (and for the lucky Mr. K. who gets to marry her).  They're going to have one heck of a celebration, and I am ecstatic to be a part of it! : )

Thank you, bridesmaid dress, you made my day.


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