Day 97- Computers for Youth and Liquid Love

I wasted lots of free time playing Inspector Parker last year on my computer.  What can I say?  I like something to keep my hands free!  Perhaps it wasn't wasted at all.  It was what made my day, so it must have been good.

This got me to thinking about all of the things I use my computer for that are actually valuable (and those that are just plain fun).  It's hard to remember not having a laptop and an internet connection, and both of these things make a lot of other things possible.  Sooo... I want to help make things like this possible for others too.  That's why my donation today was made to Computers for Youth.

Here's what they do:

CFY's Take IT Home program is designed to improve children’s learning environment at home and to strengthen the school-home connection. Our program is structured to accomplish three goals:
•Enhance the educational resources in children's homes

•Improve parent-child interaction around learning at home

•Help teachers contribute to and take advantage of a stronger school-home connection


I have a one Mountain Dew a day habit.  This is a massive cutback from the days of yore.  I was addicted to the stuff in college, but I think that this one per day thing is reasonable.  My habit is barely even a habit, especially because I don't drink much coffee.


I have cut this whole thing back even more lately.  I didn't drink a single drop of pop the whole time we were on vacation.  I still have my daily lunch Dew at school, but I sometimes go without on the weekends.


Today was another 13 hour day at school, with parent teacher conferences following shortly after our regular work day.  I needed my Dew.  I opened my mini classroom fridge, ready to pull out a can and hear the click and ahhh of it opening.  PANIC!  It was empty.  Since I've been cutting back, I forgot to replenish my supply.  I checked my wallet, figuring I could just buy my daily Dew from the vending machine, but alas- I had no singles, only a five.  During a break, I e-mailed three of my coworkers asking if any of them had change.

The first one e-mailed back offering change with a smiley face.  Score!

Then, the second one came into my class carrying a cold bottle of Dew that she bought for me from the vending machine.  I don't have change, she said, but I did have $1.25.  Double score!

The third had to leave the building on his plan, and he came back with a gigantic gas station sized Dew in a big ol' cup.

Liquid love!

My coworkers are the best, and I don't just mean that as a figure of speech.  They really are.

Thank you, liquid love, you made my day.


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