Day 101- St. Charles City-County Library Foundation and Kelsey*

I wrote about a studious student last year, a girl who actually revised her paper and took my suggestions the first time I gave them.  It was really quite magical.  She was a quiet girl, a fabulous writer, and one of the most avid readers I have ever met. 

I decided to make a donation in this student's honor to our local library foundation.

When she wasn't revising her paper (woo hoo!), she spent countless hours at the library reading whatever she could get her hands on.  This was evident in all of the work that she did in my class.  It also reminded me of fond childhood memories of my own.  Every summer, my mom would take Manda and I to our little Parma Library at least once a week.  We'd check out stacks of books at a time and rush home to jump into each new adventure with gusto.  I know for sure that we read through every Sweet Valley High book every written, including the special edition character stories, and I'm pretty sure we made it through every other young adult book on those shelves too.  I can even still remember the way that little library smelled.  Ahhh.

For these reasons and many more, I am thrilled to contribute to our area library system.  Call me old school, but I just don't see how any of these fancy schmancy eReaders and what not could ever compare to the full library experience, from card catalogs to flipping pages.


I just so happened to walk by Kelsey's desk while she was thinking out loud.

"This is my least boring class.  I actually don't mind coming here."

Sometimes that's all it takes.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it was all I needed to get by this afternoon. 

Thank you, Kelsey*, you made my day.


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