Day 94- Queen of the Miraculous Medal Parish and Manda's Poster

Since I wrote about hymns last year, I thought it would be a nice idea to donate to one of the places that taught me most about hymns.  Yes?

I grew up attending Queen of the Miraculous Medal Parish.  I attended CCD there, made my First Communion there, served as MOH in the Philo wedding there, and spent countless Sundays there with my family.  I also learned many different hymns there, songs I still adore and sing my heart out to on a regular basis.

It's only fitting that I donate to the religious education program at Queen's today as a small thank you for my musical education.


Dear Manda,

It was nice to see you today, and we were so pleased to get to see your poster and to have you walk us through it.  It is even more impressive in person.  It was really cool to see what you do every day, and what you do every day is really cool!  I'm proud of your successes at work (including your most recent one that you shared tonight... I won't mention it here and spill your news... you should get to do that). 

You're doing such great work!  Thanks for letting us in on your world for a few minutes.  I hope you enjoyed your extra smoked meats as a nice snack :).


J Ro

Thank you, Manda's poster, you made my day.


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