Day 46- Sandy George

It's time for a math problem.  First, think of the most special thing you can.  Got it?  Ok, now multiply that by a million.  Don't have a calculator?  Don't worry, I'll give you the answer.  On the other side of the equal sign, you'll most certainly find my Aunt Sandy.

My Aunt Sandy has many names.  To three amazing children, she is Mom.  To the man that she met at a disco many years ago, she is Wife.  To others, she is Knitting Queen, Showtunes Enthusiast, Wolverine Diehard, Belly Dancer, Sandy Candy Maker, and more.  To Amanda and me, she is Peach.  She definitely is a peach, but this nickname comes from some other place I can never remember... some sort of obscure children's television reference from the 80's, I think.

One of my earliest memories with Peach is also one of my favorite.  My grandparents took my sister and me on a trip to New Orleans with Peach and my cousin Lauren.  After a long day of sightseeing, we went back to our hotel, changed into our jammies, and got ready for bed.  We didn't go to bed, though.  The commotion outside our window and the jazzy music of the French Quarter were enough to convince Peach that the day was not over yet.  I attended my first New Orleans parade that night.  In my pajamas.

We've shared so many moments since then.  We had campouts in backyards with my cousins, Clue for hours, and freshly popped popcorn.  We played bumper boats and ate cupcakes for dinner and made projects.  We've been from Bay City to New Orleans to New York City and had fun all along the way.   

My Aunt Peach surprised me with flowers today.  It was as exciting to open these as it was to open that 500 piece Barbie accessory set she got me twenty years ago, and this time the gift was not purchased just to annoy my parents :).  How lucky am I to receive such beautiful flowers from such a beautiful lady?

Thank you, Sandy George, you made my day.


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