Day 71- Tim Gunn

Since there was no new Project Runway this week, I got my Tim Gunn fix in the form of a bobblehead (a wonderful gift that I got for Christmas- thanks Manda!).  I had the idea to take good ol' Timmy to school recently, and my students have gotten to really enjoy him too.  He tells them to "Make it Work!" and to "Carry on."  He compliments them with the classic "Fabbbbb-u-lous!" when they're doing something well.  His last saying is not only my favorite, but it has also become my personal motto for the classroom. 

"I can't want you to succeed more than you do," he tells my students.  

Thanks, Tim Gunn, you made my day.


Anonymous said…
Yes! That is awesome. Jason would like you to know that I found the website but couldn't figure out how to order so he had to do that. We love Tim Gunn.

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