Day 70- Couch Nap

This has been a long week.  An excellent week, but a loooooooooong one just the same.  My kids are working on research papers, and even though I'm not teaching in the traditional sense of the word, I am most certainly working it.  I have a rotating queue of at least six students at any given time who are all looking for my attention, information, and expertise.  I am happy to have them look to me as a resource and to trust me as their teacher, and running around in this way makes my days fly by.  It isn't until the drive home that I realize that I am thoroughly and utterly exhausted.  

I've had all kinds of other things going on after school and at night this week, but today I was able to come straight home and allow myself the simplest of pleasures- an outstanding couch nap.  I melted into my favorite blanket, put on a television program I wasn't particularly interested in, settled the dog in nearby, and had a lovely eye rest on the couch.  I know what you're thinking- no nap can be considered totally great and truly successful without a little evidence of this succes on the cheek and the cushion.

Don't worry, I had a little drool to wipe away.  Ahhh... score one more for the simple things in life.

Thank you, couch nap, you made my day.


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