Day 61- Sensible Yet Sassy Shoes

I don't think I'm that short, but my dress pants often tend to disagree.  I can't tell you how many times I have found a pair of pants that fit perfectly except for the extra inch of length. 

Enter sensible yet sassy shoes.  On the eighth day, God created the wedge heel. 

This fall, I found a black pair and a brown pair of wedge heels at Aldo that kind of rock my world on a weekly basis.  They are just high enough to get my pants to the right length, but they are comfortable enough that I can wear them all day with no problem.

Today I was on my feet alllll day introducing a research paper to my students, and my feet still liked me at the end of the day.  I have also come to enjoy the click of the heels, as they announce to the school that this shorty is a teacher and not a student. 

Finally, it is certainly satisfying to find a pair of shoes I can walk successfully in all day that don't look orthopedic.  It has never been my goal to have students leave class gushing about my fashion.  This does not concern me.  However, I do hope that my students never leave class laughing about my fashion.  That's just distracting.  My little brown wedge heels with their shiny little buckles are, if nothing else, not offensive.  Mission accomplished. 

Thank you, sensible yet sassy shoes, you made my day.   


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