Day 53- Chicken Cobbler Casserole

Sometimes the best recipe for glee on a cold winter day is... well, a good recipe. 

Even though my mom was devoted to being an amazing teacher the whole time I was growing up, and even though this required her to spend hours at school and at home lesson planning and grading papers, she still made time to put dinner on the table each night.  It was important to my parents that we all sit down for dinner together every night.  These dinners required complicated scheduling around practices and meetings and rides and parent teacher conferences and sporting events and a million other things.  Yet, somehow my parents were able to pull it off, night after night and week after week.

I remember leaving school after long days of classes and clubs and practices and activities and wondering the whole way home what would be waiting for us.  The guessing game would end as I took my first step in the door.  I was always greeted by the most wonderful aromas- lasagna, pecan chicken, pork chops in sour cream, manicotti, taco pie, cheeses, sauces, zucchinigreanbeansasparaguscorncarrots and vegetables galore...  No matter how incredible or awful each day was, I could count on any day getting that much better when I sat down to the table with good family and good food (or "good eats," as my dad would say). 

In fact, I enjoyed this time and these meals so much that I was always content to take the piece that no one else wanted.  You know the first piece of casserole out of the dish that falls apart and looks like a mess (but tastes the same)?  That was my piece.  Slightly burned?  Yup, I'll take it.  Extra sloppy?  That has my name on it!  It became a running joke in my family that whenever something got a little messed up, it went to me.  Maybe this explains a lot about me...  I digress.

This idea of family dinners every night is definitely a tradition that I will carry into my own family.  Even though I'm too busy to catch my breath sometimes, it is important to make time to eat well and spend some QT with my boys.  I'm not going to lie, sometimes we eat at our t.v. trays in order to catch up on the DVR, and sometimes we scarf down dinner in order to get to other things.  However, I still make an effort to cook five nights a week, I continue to take the portion no one else wants, and this time is our time. 

Tonight I made chicken cobbler casserole, one of our favorite dinners.  I'm not one to toot my own horn very often, but I must admit that it was scrumptious.  Our house smelled amazing, our stomachs were full, and our conversation was delightful.  A hearty meal and a hearty laugh can warm even the coldest of days :).

Thank you, chicken cobbler casserole, you made my day. 


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