Day 56- Morgan

Morgan reminds me a lot of myself when I was in high school.  She's a good student and a classic goody two shoes.  She does her work well, hands it on time, and answers questions in class.  When I grade her papers and assignments, I often find myself smiling and really enjoying what she has to say.  I've been wishing and waiting for her to share this personality with the rest of the class and to really come out of her shell. 

Today the shell cracked.  The students were working in groups to rewrite Shakespeare into modern English for a performance next class.  Morgan was in a trio with equally delightful kids.  As I circled around to check on the progress of the groups, I heard her group discussing how they might potentially incorporate a Glee style song into their scene.  Then, Morgan shared loudly and with the utmost enthusiasm, "I've always wanted to be in a dance battle!  Really, it's my dream."  The other kids loved it, and Morgan beamed with pride as she was accepted as the lovable girl that she is by all of her peers.  She and her group proceeded to choreograph a dance battle into their scene and to discuss possibilities for their soundtrack.

I can't wait for next class.

Thank you, Morgan, you made my day.    


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