Day 67- Nestle Tollhouse

Whew.  Today was one of those marathon kind of days!  Luckily, I was still able to come home after school and class and everything else to "bake" some warm chocolate cookies to enjoy, thanks to the magic of Nestle Tollhouse.  What a treat at the end of the day :).  I might just have enjoyed a little cool dough as a warm up while baking as well... ;).

While I was looking for a picture of gooey chocolate loveliness, I came across this picture of bacon chocolate chip cookies- with a maple glaze.  Intriguing.  I've always thought bacon is a lovely addition to everything, but I have never thought of bacon on cookies before.  I may just have to unfreeze some and give this baby a whirl.  Until then, I'll enjoy some special time with my only partially clogged arteries.   

Thank you, Nestle Tollhouse, you made my day.


Tom said…
Is that the same recipe that Phoebe used in Friends?

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