Day 50- People Magazine

There's something about the experience of going to my mailbox and finding real mail that no computer generated program can ever replace.  Sure, it's fun to have a litte message pop up in my inbox, and the words dancing across the screen can be powerful.  I can instantly access information on the internet about whatever I want to know- news on current events, sports highlights, recipes, celebrity gossip- you name it.  However, there's just something to be said for finding a newspaper full of coupons waiting for me every Sunday, a stack of cards on my birthday or around Christmas or another holiday, and the glossy pages of a magazine waiting to share new things with me.

One piece of mail I can count on weekly is my People magazine.  For over five years now, I have been able to look forward to the delight of People waiting for me when I get home each Friday.  I know that the pretty lady on the cover staring out of my mailbox has been airbrushed, sometimes beyond recognition.  I know that more than half of the information inside serves no real purpose to anyone.  Yet, I can't help but enjoy paging through the beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes mixed in with stories of real people in their real clothes who are heroes among us, or who are losing weight, or who are doing something special in the world.  It's relaxing.  Plus, I can always complete the crossword, and that makes me feel smart.

In today's issue of People, I got to see pictures of stars in their Grammy dresses (and Ga Ga in her hula hoops), I got to read reviews of movies that I might just end up renting now, I got to see profiles on winter Olympians, I got to read an inspiring story about a couple who adopted five brothers and sisters from an orphanage, and I got to relax my mind for twenty minutes.  And there was a cologne sample that smelled like future Tom.  Tomorrow I will tackle the crossword (and by tackle, I mean quickly complete in order to feel like a genius).

Thank you, People magazine, you made my day.   


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