Day 54- Snow Day

snow day: noun
  1. A gift given by Mother Nature to teachers and students, especially mid-week, especially before two long days of parent teacher conferences
  2. A day on which public schools or other institutions are closed due to heavy snow
  3. Sledding/snowball fight/hot chocolate/snuggle day
  4. A time to catch up on work and relax
  5. What you don't get in warm weather climates/the real business world
  6. Bad tv marathon day
  7. Accident avoidance holiday
  8. A really bad Chevy Chase movie

Related words:
Spring Break (noun)
mental health day (noun)
three day weekend (noun)

Sample sentence(s):
"I'll see you tomorrow, Mrs. Ferri, unless we have a snow day.  Maybe my snow dance will work- woo hoo!"

Thank you, snow day, you made my day.


Anonymous said…
snow day = good
snow week = miserable
Hope you enjoyed your day!

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