Day 64- Fresh Cut Roses Candle

I indulged my inner 80 year old lady tonight by spending a Friday evening cruising around a Hallmark store.  I love our little Hallmark just down the street.  I find myself looking for reasons to send cards just so I can go into the store and look around and buy things.  Tonight I found a sale on Yankee candles that was just too good to pass up.  The candle I bought is called "fresh cut roses," and that scent was just too good to pass up too.

It reminds me of bath time at Grandma Katie's house.  She'd say "Skinnnn the rabbit!" and just like that, I was in the tub.  There were always bubbles and salts and all kinds of nice smelly things.  I would soak until I was raisin material, and then I'd giggle with glee, knowing that the best was yet to come.  Upon exiting the tub and drying off, I was always presented with a big powder pouf.  It smelled like- you guessed it- roses.  Before I was allowed to powder, my grandma would make sure to remind me, "Powder your face before your bum!"  It never occured to me that this same pouf would be patted all over my bum and my face about one hundred times throughout my childhood.  I'm not even sure that this realization would have stopped me.  Either way, I'd come up smelling like roses (pun totally intended). 

Thank you, fresh cut roses candle, you made my day.        


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