Day 74- One Shoulder Dresses

When I was in high school, I always dreamed of having a spectacular light green one shoulder formal dress. 

I didn't ever find it.

However, I had more fabulous dresses than I can count.  There was off the shoulder light blue tulle.  I had sparkly white criss crossy straps and strapless white with hologram triangles.  There was a hiccup in the line of gorgeousness with a little pink halter snakeskin looking number, but I got back on track quickly.  The black and gold macrame spaghetti strap gown (much prettier than it sounds, I promise) and deep purple velvet were dazzling enough to make me forget all about the elusive one shoulder dress.  I took the plunge in backless black and silver and jumped back out in shiny red.

The most wonderful gown I've ever had was, of course, my wedding gown.  Much like the groom, I could have found it in a room of millions (in real life it was hundreds-- of gowns, not grooms), and I would have still known it was the perfect one for me.  It was slightly off white and strapless and lace with little details and buttons and sparkles, and it was all kinds of ideal for me.

So many dresses in so many years, and me- I loved them all!

After all these years of perfect dresses, I have yet to find that perfect one shoulder dress.  Imagine my excitement when, in a wondrous twist of cyclical fashion fate, I noticed all over the media and tv today that ONE SHOULDER DRESSES ARE BACK!  I am thankful to be given this second chance at true one shoulder love :).

Thank you, one shoulder dresses, you made my day.

P.S. Imagine how much you would make my day if I found a reasonably priced one of you that fit me well and could be worn to a wedding!  I just might have to break the rules and use the same thing on here twice. 


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