Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 86- To Do List

I didn't always used to be this way.

I used to be completely laid back and fancy free (that phrase just does not get used enough anymore).  I would procrastinate as much as possible, and, except for the few panicked hours before something was due or needed to be done, I was in a constant state of relaxation.  I could spend an entire day watching a marathon on tv guilt free and just use the few minutes of commercials here and there to get things done. 

Then I grew up.

Now I make lists.  Ok, I don't just make lists.  I enjoy making lists.  Sometimes I even need to make lists in order to fall asleep at night.  I constantly have everything I need to do, which is quite a bit these days, racing through my head.  Making a list helps to empty this out and to set productivity into motion.  I make a weekly grocery list that is even crazier and more organized than my dad.  I make lists at school about things I need to do at home and lists at home about what I need to do at school.  Sometimes I even make lists of lists.  I love to make packing lists to ensure that I will not forget things, even if I'm only packing to go somewhere for a night or a weekend.  I think I forgot to bring pajamas somewhere once, but that will never happen again, thanks to my sweet lists.  Sometimes I make mental lists too and annoy Tom as I have to mentally check each item off before I can leave the house.  After a few years of marriage, though, he occasionally does it now too.  I have post its and pads of paper in every room and place and car that I frequent for all the lists that I just have to write down.  One of the greatest rushes I get on a daily basis is when I get to cross something off on a list.  There's a temporary satisfaction once a list is complete, but then I just get all excited, make another list, and start all over again. 

Today I made a whopper of a list.  It was big and long and included a bunch of things that I have been meaning to do for quite some time now, things that have been transferred across more than one or two lists.  Although I only finished about half of the "To Dos," this was a huge achievement, especially since this is my day of relaxation.  I get happy just thinking about what an accomplishment half of this list is, and I can only imagine the elation I will experience when it is complete.  I'll probably have to write a whole new list about it- ways to celebrate or new things to do or things I can do now that those other things are accomplished.  If you think about it, this blog is just one big ol' list of things I am thankful for (I have thought about it, and it's so exciting). 

Thank you, to do list, you made my day.