Day 83- Applesauce

How to become a kid again in three simple steps.
  1. Become a teacher.  Spend your break time conversing with students about whether or not Twilight is good reading (it's not, sorry) and explaining how everything they're learning is important (it is) and discussing how Shaun White's private halfpipe is the sweetest thing to ever exist (it might be).   
  2. Start taking a lunchbox to work.  Swing it while you walk, embrace it, love it.
  3. Pack applesauce in your lunch every day.  An applesauce a day keeps the old age away. 
In the initial lunch packing stages of this semester, I always made sure that I had some kind of little sweet treat included to enjoy at the end of lunch.  Over the past few weeks, little applesauce cups have also become a part of the daily routine, and I enjoy this just as much.  I love how it tastes.  I love the little perfectly portioned cup.  I love that eating it makes me feel good and does not add to my waistline. 

Next stop... juiceboxes!  Or fruit snacks... or PBJ.  Or pudding cups.  Or peanut butter and celery.  The lunch world is full of endless possibilities :).

Thank you, applesauce, you made my day.


Anonymous said…
I do 2 and 3! What lunchbox do you have? I get 100 calorie packs of cheese balls (or "asteroids") should totally try those next!
Jessi said…
I have a Michigan lunchbox. It is thermal and wonderful :). What do you have? I'm especially glad that you do 2!

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