Day 77- Pottery Barn Catalog

Oh Pottery Barn Catalog, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

I love that you always seem to arrive on slow mail days to brighten the trip to the mailbox.

I love that you're like a favorite book or photo album.  My husband and I obsess over you for at least a week after you arrive, sometimes more. 

I love the dreams you encourage me to dream.  Someday I will have that house (you know, the one with the lofty ceilings and the beachy bathroom and the excellent natural light) that is terribly cute right down to the adorable mudroom.  Who wouldn't want an adorable mudroom?  Little baskets and bits of cuteness in the most unexpected places?  Please.  And the holiday decorations? Ahhhhh.  How about that bedding?  Perfection.

I love that you have started to send me Pottery Barn Kids as well.  Even though I don't have any of those yet, I am a planner.  It is nice to know what their rooms will look like when they begin to arrive in a few years.

I love that even though you are too pricy, and even though I find the cheaper Pier 1 versions of your treasures when I actually decide to make purchases, you don't judge me.  You show up all the time anyway and don't seem to mind that our relationship is completely one sided.

Did I mention the bedding?  I love your bedding.  Thanks for the color combination ideas and all the other ideas.  I file them away, both literally (in a little manila folder) and figuratively (in that color coded system in my head).

I love that you always encourage my vision for a guest room so lovely that everyone will fight over getting to stay in it to the point that I have to start a calendar where people book their time slots months in advance just to partake in loveliness of the room.  We'll get there someday.

Thank you, Pottery Barn Catalog, you made my day. 


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