Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 82- Bright Yellow Sweater

Today I made a choice to be happy.  You might say I had sunshine on a cloudy (and rainy) day.  This came in the form of a bright yellow sweater.  After all, I think sunshine is a state of mind (and the fact that my classroom doesn't have windows allows me some wiggle room with the ol' imagination).   

I knew that it was supposed to be rainy today, and I knew that it would be a long day of running around, especially because Tom is traveling again.  I selected my outfit carefully this morning and found one of the brightest things I had to put on.

It turns out that the world not only looks brighter from behind a smile, but it's also pretty bright from behind a vibrant yellow sweater.  Instead of just matching my clothes to my disposition, it seems as if I can actually use them to help create a sunny disposition.  Whatever works, right?

Thank you, bright yellow sweater, you made my day.


Tom said...

That yellow sweater is SO Raven!