Day 81- Clean Laundry

It's been a while since I wrote a really awful poem.  It's about that time...

Something that you may not know
or might not even think to guessy
is that I've grown into Tidy Jess
and out of Messy Jessi.

In the past you'd find my clothes all wadded up
and strewn about the floor.
But now I wash and fold and fluff
and place them neatly in the drawer.

When the alarm goes off,
and I fumble for the light,
there's nothing more to stumble over.
Oh, clean laundry's a delight!

My glass is always full,
and now my dresser is too.
Perhaps it's finally time to tackle
that big ol' pile of shoes.


When my clothes are nice and clean,
they make me feel brand new :).

Thank you, clean laundry, you made my day.


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