Day 95- Cheap Yet Satisfying Laughter

It started with some hockey games,
in between hits of the puck
the phone would ring in the press box
and the fans would say, "Hey (opposing goalie's name), it's your mom- she says you suck."

I started teasing Tom with this
whenever his phone would ring.
He'd roll his eyes and act annoyed,
but a smile it would bring.

So I tried it on my family too
and much to my delight
this is the sequence of events
that happened here tonight.

Ring ring ring
Me: Hello?
Grandma: Hi, Jess.  Is your mom around?
Me: Yes, yes, would you like to talk to her?
Grandma: Well, I suppose I would.
Me: Mom, it's for you.  It's your mom.  She says you stink.
Grandma: No, no.  I say she sucks.

We all know that my mom doesn't really suck and that Grandma doesn't think so either.  The buy in to this joke really made all the difference :). 

Thank you, cheap yet satisfying laughter, you made my day.


Marlene said…
Way to funny Jess. It's nice when your family gets you. Keep smiling! Say hey to Tom for me!
Tom said…
Hey... your mom called me today...

I think you know what she said.

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