Day 98- USB Port

My dad recently rigged up a whole complex hilbilly system on my parents' computer in order to (finally!) make the internet much more hare and much less tortoise.  It is now possible to check e-mail, waste time on facebook, and replay music videos obsessively (today's favorite is "On My Way" by Stephen Speaks) without pulling any hair out or threatening to throw the computer out the window.  Amazing. 

The only problem is that I have some assignments due tomorrow for my student teaching class, and I can't access the internet from my laptop.  All of the files I needed to upload were on my laptop.  Enter USB port. 

Through the magic of this little guy, I was able to get everything where it needed to be when I needed it, and I'm almost totally done.  Now if there was just a magic little key that could help with procrastination and keep me from watching Real Housewives instead of finishing my work entirely...

Thank you, USB port, you made my day.   


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