Day 97- Inspector Parker

When I was little, I looooved to play Clue.  The only problem was that you need at least three people in order to play the game, and Manda and I could never find a third.  We could occasionally convince my dad to play, but usually we only had each other to fight and make up with on a daily basis.

I also really enjoyed doing logic puzzles.  The problem in that case was that the puzzle books we had around were a bit too advanced for little me.  I'd have to wait until no one was looking and do a quick flip to the back to find enough answers to get me rolling in order to complete all the little squares.  This was only temporarily satisfying.

The beauty of computers is that I have access to a million games, and I can play by myself (so I don't have to beg anyone else to put up with my trash talking and inevitable winning).  I've tried and liked all kinds of different games, and there's one in particular that I really enjoy, Inspector Parker.  This game combines many of the wondrous things I love from my favorite childhood games.  I can spend hours at a time weeding through suspects, motives, victims, weapons, and pieces of evidence in order to solve the mysteries of Misanthrope Manor.  When I just need a little relaxation and distraction, I play the easy levels.  Sometimes it's just comforting to keep my hands busy, mindlessly clicking away at the little boxes.  Other times I play the hardest levels and really challenge my mind.  I heard it's true, after all, that if you don't use it, you lose it.  I'd hate to lose my mind any more than I already have ;).

My trusty old friend Inspector Parker really helped me to relax tonight, and it was comforting to tap away at the computer in search of a fictional killer in a fictional mansion with "eery artwork."  I solved so many mysteries that I think they'll have to create some sort of game badge for me soon.  Until then...

Thank you, Inspector Parker, you made my day.



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