Day 76- Scott*

*Name changed as part of my Student Protection Program :)

Today Scott turned in his notes for his research paper.  Completed.  On time.

I felt like this:

I don't expect you to understand how miraculous this is.  I could tell you that he doesn't always turn things in when he should or that he has trouble completing his work.  I could tell you that he sits in the back, listens to an iPod whenever possible, and generally seems to be too cool for school.  I could tell you that he struggles, even when I spend a lot of my time helping him, and I have no idea if I'm getting through or not.  You still might not get it.

That's ok.  I got it.  I realized the moment we had today while it was happening.  As I paged through Scott's beautifully completed notes, notes that I know he must have worked so hard on, I got the feeling that he has finally decided to want for himself the things that I have wanted for him all along.  I shared my excitement with Scott in the form of an "OhmygoodnessI'msoproudofyoulookatthiswonderfulwork!"  I may be mistaken, but I swear that before he got embarrassed, he allowed himself a faint smile.  That's all I need.

Thanks, Scott, you made my day.



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