Day 51- West Michigan Cancer Center and Six-year-old's Dream Dinner

While I was away, I also missed my Aunt Peach's donation.  Her choice for the day is the West Michigan Cancer Center.

Their tagline is quite simple, and I love it.  Together, we win.

I love winning.  I also love doing things together and being a part of something bigger than myself.  Therefore, of course I'm excited at the idea of winning together!  Who wouldn't love to kick cancer's butt?  I know the West Michigan Cancer Center would like that.  Me too.

I often like to share the mission of the charities I select on here.  This one should be pretty self-explanatory, though.  Instead, I'd like to share the WMCC plans for the future (as they're stated on the website).

We have great plans for the immediate future. Before another 16 years pass by, we will add several more tumor-specific clinics so patients can experience even more seamless, integrated treatment. We will deploy even more sophisticated technologies for detection and treatment of cancer. We will continue to handpick the best and the brightest doctors and staff. We will ensure our community, neighbors, and families have every tool possible to win their personal challenges with cancer. We will fight for our patients when they are weak, and fight with them when they are strong. Because, together, we win.

Sounds good to me!  Is this good enough for your $5 today?  Pretty please.

Bad poetry time!  It's been a while...

I've been losing weight
and getting thinner
because I haven't been hungry
for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I'll be fine soon,
I'm sure of that.
I'll pack back on
that five pounds of fat!

What to eat? 
I thought tonight.
Then, an idea...
a child's delight!

With marshmallow fluff
and cheese of cream,
add strawberries and bananas--
a six-year-old's dream!

It may not be the healthiest thing
that I've ever had,
but I got two or three food groups,
so that's not too bad!  (right?)

Even when I'm back to
where it's everything I eat,
I still think I'll enjoy
this dream dinner treat.

I'm filled with fluff and joy
enough to rejoice in the new "Glee,"
then in my marshmallowy dreams
I'll sleep oh so happily.

Thank you, six-year-old's dream dinner, you made my day.


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