Day 61- SC4K and Mom Call

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Since I wrote about shoes last year, it was time to find another charity that donates shoes to other people. 

search + + shoes = JACKPOT! (SC4K)

Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) popped up today.  They seem awesome.  Not only do they provide shoes and clothes for kids, but they also donate Payless gift cards to kids in order to let them choose their own shoes. 

Their mission blurb from

Founded in 1969, Shoes and Clothes for Kids is devoted to fulfilling the needs of the Greater Cleveland area's most deserving children - those without shoes or clothing. Shoes and Clothes for Kids provides the unique service of distributing brand-new quality clothing such as shirts, underwear, socks, pants, mittens and infant layette items to thousands of families. We also provide Payless shoe gift cards for children to choose their own new shoes. Utilizing a community-wide distribution network, Shoes and Clothes for Kids reaches into every neighborhood where need exists. The distribution network encompasses more than 40 strategically located partner sites.

Math problem

On the website it says that they can take a $40 donation and transform it into $1000 worth of brand new clothing and shoes for kids.  That means my $5 will be turned into $125 worth of the good stuff.  I like that.


It somehow came up in a discussion in one of my classes last week.  We were talking about a guy in a story we read who went to jail.  I made a joke about my own experience in jail.  One of my students, one who was clearly only half listening, looked at me with big eyes.

"What did you go to jail for, Mrs. Ferri?"

I explained that it was a joke.  I asked if I looked like I had been to jail.  The kids told me that I'm sassy and they wouldn't put it past me.  Interesting.  I explained further.  I have not been to jail.  In fact, I rarely ever even got in trouble, I told them.  I was never grounded when I was younger.  I also never got a single detention of any kind.

I was surprised at the surprise my students showed.  Some of them flat out didn't believe me.  I told them to call my mom and ask her.  They got all excited and asked if we could.

Today we did.

After discussing the whole thing with my mom, we decided that it would be funny.  She'd answer at school and put me on speaker phone while my kids had her on speaker phone.  I told the kids the next day that we would make the phone call happen, and they were really excited.  I asked them to write a few questions that they'd like to ask her.  Here are some of the things they came up with:

1. Was Mrs. Ferri really that good when she was little?  Did she ever get in trouble?
2. Do you like Justin Bieber?
3. Is it cold in Michigan?  What's your weather like?

Our schedule has been packed the past few days, and we haven't had time to call.  The kids would come in and ask me about it at least two or five times, and I'd tell them that we had too much work to do.  We finally had a few minutes at the end of class to call today, and the kids were so delighted.  They picked a spokesperson to call and all leaned in close to the phone.

My mom informed them that yes, I was an "almost perfect child" and no, she does not like Justin Bieber at all.  She also told them that it does get cold in Michigan, but they're wimps down here in MO and aren't tough against the cold weather.  They loved it.  After some other conversation back and forth, they hung up with satisfaction. 

Thanks, Mom, for being such a good sport, taking our call, and entertaining my kids (and for having my back on what a model child I was most of the time).... and...

Thank you, Mom Call, you made my day.


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