Day 55- StuCo Fundraiser and Deceptions Story

I am still a bit drowsy, as I am freshly awake from an amazing couch nap.  I'm not actually really "up" this late.  So... allow me to somewhat be brief this evening, if you would please :).

I donated to a fundraiser at school today for Student Council.  This had been postponed a bit because of all of the recent snow days, and they were worried that this might lead to not making very much money.  What better place is there to drop a few dollars than my very own school?  The money will go to people who need it, and there are a whole lot of people who need it in our neck of the woods.

While there's no link to post to hopefully inspire someone else to donate to this same cause today, I can certainly post an idea.  When I donated, I got to send a little "heart gram" for each $0.50 increment I spent.  This means that I sent out ten notes that people in the building will receive on Monday, ten notes that will hopefully make ten people's days just a little bit brighter.  Surely that's something everyone could do, fundraiser or not.  Don't you think?  :)

 We have some fabulous books we get to use in the eighth grade at my school.  The series is called Deceptions, and they're full of all kinds of stories that remind me of the Friday night Dateline episodes I love so dearly.  In fact, I swear I may have seen one or two of the stories from the book on an episode once.

Each story contains some sort of deception (makes sense, eh?), and the kids love them.  People rat poison each other and cheat in marathons and run Ponzi schemes (the original is in there).  There's Milli Vanilli and the Trojan horse and all kinds of other goodies.  We love the stories because not only are they great non-fiction pieces written at a perfect length for a one class lesson, but they also have excellent questions already written for them that hit on a number of our curriculum standards.  It's a twofer!  I love twofers.

I told the kids we were going to read a really romantic story today to give them my take on Valentine's Day.  What we read was "Giovanni Vigliotto: King of Romance (and Deception)," a story about a "world champion bigamist" who was married to 105 women at the same time from 26 states and 14 countries.  He even married four women on the same cruise ship.  Shortly after marrying the women, he'd take off with thousands of dollars worth of their stuff and vanish without a trace.  The kids were really diggin' it all day long, and the boys loved that this was the Valentine's story I chose.  Beyond that, the questions really got them thinking, and we had some great discussions.  Another twofer, perhaps?

Thank you, Deceptions story, you made my day.


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