Day 69- Fisher House Programs (Hero Miles) and Test Scores

This one is exciting.  A solid connection!

I was all excited last year to have Tom home.  I was so excited that I thanked American Airlines for bringing him home.  I'm not an airlines groupie, but that's just how excited I was.  My idea for today was to find some kind of way to donate airline miles to someone else to try to create a similar kind of moment to make someone else's day.  With the assistance of my wonderful assistant (Tom), I found one!

The Fisher House Programs help military families in all kinds of different ways.  It just so happens that one of their programs, Hero Miles, fits what I was looking for perfectly.  Through their website,

people can donate unused airline miles to help members of the military to fly to their families (or to help their families fly to them at one of the medical centers). 

Tom and I are truly honored to take this opportunity to donate miles to the men and women who serve our country.  USA!  USA!


Whenever I give a test or project to my kids, I hold my breath.  I want them to do well so badly.  I want to know that they are learning and that I'm doing my job to the best of my abilities.  As I tell my kids, I'd love to give them all "A's" if they all earned them.  This is not always the case. 

The most recent assessment I gave was one that got scanned into this computer program we use to compile data.  Still holding my breath, I pulled up the results today.

I was delighted to breath a sigh of relief today.

My students did well.  Some of them even totally rocked it.  Teacher is happy and will have a good night's sleep on that one.  Then... back to the grind in the hopes of replicating this kind of result over and over until June!  I am grateful for the fuel.

Thank you, test scores, you made my day.


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