Day 65- GenerationOn and Mini Shopping Spree

Last year's board games= this year's GenerationOn donation

This is an organization sponsored by the Hasboro Children's Fund (and there's our connection).  Their mission?

To inspire, equip, and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service. generationOn is the global youth service movement igniting the power of all kids to make their mark on the world. generationOn has brought the nation's leading youth service organizations and programs under one umbrella including New York-based Children for Children, The League, Learning to Give, Points of Light Institute's Kids Care Clubs, HandsOn Schools, and HandsOn Network's youth-driven programs. By partnering with teachers, parents, schools, community organizations and businesses, generationOn gives kids the opportunity to see firsthand the issues in their communities and the tools and resources they need to respond and become part of the solution.

The only thing I wonder is how I have not heard of this before.  A donation is clearly in order here. : )

I have said it before, and I'll say it again.  I am so blessed for so many reasons... more than I can count in sets of 365 days for the rest of my life.  I'll just add on to that list of reasons today.

I am lucky because we are going on our first vacation since our honeymoon in a few weeks.  We are so very excited beyond belief.

I am lucky because we went on a mini shopping spree (aided by Christmas gift cards, mind you).  I felt a little guilty about spending money, but we really don't shop much or spend a whole lot on ourselves.  It's always gifts or the house or the dog... we have to allow ourselves these little pleasures every now and then.

I am lucky because when I presented Tom with a "this one or this one" situation today, he said both without hesitation.  After much debating (and the guilt again), I got both.  I work hard.  Both. 

I am lucky because this time at the mall and the food court and the mall and the adjoining restaurant allowed me another day of hanging out and giggling with my best friend.  Yeah, we ate a lot too.  We decided today was our bachelor party before our marriage to getting into better shape to wear this stuff we bought for Spring Break.  Don't judge.  You know you've had your fair share of late night cheese sticks too.

I am lucky because I could be carefree since I have tomorrow off.  Church, Gingham's breakfast (tomorrow we're good, tomorrow), mini shopping spree, puppy play time, board games...

I'm just plain lucky.

Thank you, mini shopping spree, you made my day.


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