Day 64- Little Sisters of the Poor and Bleu Ribbon Burger

I wrote last year about my old lady Hallmark tendencies and a candle scent that brought back memories of tender moments with my grandma.  Hmm...

Here's what I came up with.  Little Sisters of the Poor

- help actual older ladies and gentleman (not those of us with senior citizen tendencies)... check!
- provide nursing and assisted living services to those in need.  My grandma was a nurse... check!
- give senior citizens the opportunity to participate in activities... check!
- is run by Sisters (not of the relative kind, more like the nun kind, so no one is drawing a salary from my donation)... check!

I think you can tell a lot about a society or a country by the way they treat certain groups of people.  I think the elderly are one of these groups, and I am pleased to donate to a charity with this cause in mind.

Sometimes I have no idea what I want to eat, and I consume whatever is at hand.  Other times I think I know exactly what I want, and then I see something else on a menu... and I order wrong.  I spend the rest of the meal kicking myself for not ordering my old favorite friend that I know I like. 

There are also the times when things just click, and I know exactly what I am craving.  These often result in some satisfied eating experiences and some unbuttoned pants.  I had one of those for dinner.  I was craving a hamburger with bleu cheese on it, and I just knew that nothing else would be anywhere near as good.  Tom agreed, as his mouth was watering for a chili cheese burger (gross). 

Enter Red Robin.  Yummmmmmm.  Did you just hear the song in your head?

My stomach was singing a happy song as I ate my Bleu Ribbon Burger.  In elastic waisted pants. 

Thank you, Bleu Ribbon Burger, you made my day.


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