Day 62- Church and Soulologie

Where do you donate when you're trying to get money to God?  How do you decide which people or which places are really doing His work?

This is a rather daunting task.  I decided that in honor of last year's post, I would do two things today (or this week, maybe I should say).

1. Set aside $5 extra to put into the collection at church on Sunday.  That is the place where I go for my soul refresh and the place where I make sure to turn off all the noise in my life and focus.  It's the place where my heart sings loudly... and sometimes I do too (like a few weeks ago when the guy behind me sang with a voice so robust that I figured no one would notice my own joyful-yet-out of tune sound).  It's the place that reminds me how imperfect I am but inspires me to continue to strive to be better.

2.  Consciously find one way each day this week to let His light shine through me.  This is something that should be a focus each and every day, but some days I am better at this than others.  It never hurts to make sure I'm looking for these little reminders.

It's about to get really cheesy up in here.  If you'd rather not, scroll to the next section.

There's no internet link to post today.  The only link I can offer is from my heart to yours.  I hope that through my thoughts and words and actions... well, I hope that you'll see it and feel it too.


I mentioned before that we had some Ferri family photos taken this past December, didn't I?

Tom and his siblings and I gave the session as a gift to his mom for her birthday.  We scoured the internet to find a photographer who we thought could produce some family images to last a lifetime.  That's how we found

We noticed that the photographer, Erin, did not usually do family pictures.  However, we loved the images that we saw on her website so much that we decided to ask her anyway.  She agreed to take us on, and a few month long planning session began.

I wrote back in December about the fun we had at our session.  Today we got the results in the mail.  We couldn't be more pleased.  Tom and I went a bit overboard when we were ordering, but we were happy that we did today as we looked through our package of gorgeous images after gorgeous image.  We have family pictures and pictures of him with his siblings and pictures with fake mustaches and all kinds of others that we'll frame and hang on the walls and treasure forever.

We also finally got our "engagement" pictures.  Tom shared with the photographer about our botched engagement pictures the first time around, and her photographer self decided that it just wasn't acceptable for us not to have those heirlooms.  The thought of our awkwardly posed basement studio unordered images struck a chord, and she took great care to make sure that we got some beautiful pictures of just the two of us on top of everything else she captured.

Anyone who knows me (or has simply seen any selection of photos of me) knows that I am not photogenic.  I somehow always end up with chins I don't have or closed eyes or one dead eye or a pained expression or something else that isn't good.  Erin is magical enough to have somehow captured not just one but multiple images of me that I actually like.  It's a photo miracle! 

To top it all off, Tom called his mom tonight to see what she thought of the pictures, and he said that she was thrilled.  Happiness all around!

Thank you, Soulologie, you made my day. 


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