Day 71- Parsons New School for Design and Vacation Fever

In honor of my love for Tim Gunn on this day last year (and every day, really), I made a donation today to the Parsons School for Design.  This is the school featured on Project Runway, another one of those guilty pleasure shows I find myself addicted to season after season.  Tim was on the faculty there for a while and has been a mentor to many who have passed through their doors.

Tim and Parsons are fabbbbbb-u-lous!


Within a span of less than five minutes this afternoon, I got my passport in the mail (name change) and found a cute bathing suit that only cost me $13 (plus shipping and the cost of that other suit I got too). 

When I went out with great friends for great times tonight, I wore my "Sun Your Buns" t-shirt.  I can't remember is Manda found this gem at Goodwill or if I did, but I was sporting it today.

My vacation fever has kicked in fully and completely!  Could I be any more excited?  Probably not.

Thank you, vacation fever, you made my day.


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