Day 68- iheartmom and Puppy Participation

Here's a first.  My donation for the day was in Canadian dollars.  This makes sense because last year I wrote about a Canadian who inspired me and touched my heart, Joannie Rochette.  Joannie lost her mother to a heart attack just days before she was scheduled to figure skate in the Olympics.  She chose to continue in the competition, to skate in honor of her mom. 

Joannie ended up earning a bronze medal, but her performance was so much more than that.  She exuded such poise and grace in the most difficult circumstances.  It was more than most of us can hope to demonstrate in our everyday lives.  Her moment trascended a skating competition, a sport, and even an Olympics. 

I was delighted to discover that Ms. Rochette has since become the spokesperson for a charity in honor of her mom.  She supports the "Heart Your Health" campaign, fighting the number one killer of women and speaking out about the importance of a healthy heart.

I trust Joannie.  I saw her heart last year, and it was incredible.  I think this is a woman who knows what she's talking about.

Our dog really does complete our family right now.  Sometimes I forget that he's a dog and not another member.  Don't worry, I don't forget in a dress-him-up-in-ridiculous outfits way or a take-him-everywhere-like-even-the-grocery-store kind of way.  It's just that he is an active participant in our lives.  I love him.

Puppy had quite a night tonight.

He danced.  Ever since Glee did Justin Bieber, Tom and I have been passing the inability to get the dang songs out of our heads back and forth.  As part of our singing/dancing/dinner making routine this evening, we changed "Baby, Baby" to "Puppy, Puppy."  To show his appreciation (or just because he likes dancing), puppy jumped up and down and danced with us until we were all laughing hysterically.  You may not think that a dog can laugh, but I assure you that he was.  Puppy has not shown us dance moves like that since he used to jump up and down to "In the Ayer" (ayer, a, ayer... ayer, a, ayer...). 

He worked out.  Ever the good helper, Puppy simply could not pass up an opportunity to "spot" Tom as he did push-ups in the living room.  He was all over it.  Literally.  Hysterical laughter again.  Tom couldn't even get mad. 

He conversed.  General has two toys that make him seem even more like a part of it all.  The first is a gefelte fish he got from Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason.  Instead of squeaking, it says "Oy vey!" when he presses down on it or bites it.  He likes to throw this exclamation in at the most appropriate of times (like when someone is eliminated from a reality show or murdered in an episode of Law & Order on t.v.).  This obviously brings on yet another round of hysterical laughter.  General also got another talking toy for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa M.  It's a Mr. Bill, and this one says "Ohhhh noooooo!" in the classic Mr. Bill voice.  These things are like those voice boxes for General.  They really allow him to express his feelings.  They also allow us many giggling opportunities.

Thank you, puppy participation, you made my day.


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