Day 59- Hands On Network and "Blind Date"

DISCLAIMER: All of the projects have been graded at last!  Hallelujah!  As a result, I cannot possibly bring  myself to edit or proofread anything else.  I just can't.  Please excuse the mistakes I am sure I will make. : )

I spent a romantic day hanging out with my Depot Family last year on February 14.  Oh... is that a holiday? 

It was easy to find a good place to donate to.  One of the things I adored about the Depot was the people.  They were so giving and loving and willing.  The company really ends up employing people with big hearts one way or another.  They are also deeply involved in a number of charitable organizations.  I had the privilege of volunteering with Team Depot when I worked there, and it was such a nice experience.

The charity I've decided to support today is another way that HD gets involved in the community.  The name of the organization is the Hands On Network.  Here's a description of the valuable work they do:

HandsOn Network inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world. Our network, now the largest in the nation, is leading people from impulse to action, turning their ideas for change into impactful projects, like wheelchair ramp construction, watershed protection projects and tutoring programs.

The most powerful projects are those that inspire and activate volunteers to be leaders and problem solvers on their own - creating new opportunities to bring others into service. HandsOn Network has helped millions of individuals, thousands of companies and hundreds of Action Centers solve some of the most pressing problems of our generation through volunteering.

The idea of mobilizing people to take action to improve their communities is a powerful and important one.  I'm pleased to support this cause today.

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day.  I'm not cynical about it or disgusted by it or anything.  It's just not something I get overly excited about.  I sure did have a great day this year, though!  I had fun giving my Ac Lab some Mad Libs valentines, and I got a lot of cute little things from my kids.

We also had a fun little exchange at school.  There was a "Blind Date" thing going on, which is basically like a Secret Santa kind of deal for this Hallmark holiday.  We gave gifts for a few days last week, and today we revealed ourselves to each other while giving our final gifts.

I had fun leaving little surprises for my blind date over the past few days, and I had to get reallllllly creative to stay within the spending limit.  I was also excited to find out who had been getting me such cute gifts over the past few days.  I received a chalkboard coffee mug (one that I can write on with actual chalk), and a big ol' delicious cupcake. 

I was showered with even more gifts today, and I couldn't believe my blind date had stayed within the spending limit.  It turns out that she is not just a hilarious woman with the cutest son ever; she's also quite crafty.  She made me a cookie boquet, a darling little candy-paper-I-don't-know-how-to-explain-it thing, and something that looked like a little box.  Again, I have no idea to explain how cool this was either, but know that it was.  The inside of the box was lined with pictures of me with my school friends doing fun things throughout the year.  Upon further examination (and with prompting), I realized that the box could fold out into a collage of all of these pictures.

When I say that I was showered with treasures, I mean it.  I will most certainly treasure these gifts and the time my friend put into making them for a long time.  I was once again reminded that I am a lucky girl.

Thank you, blind date, you made my day.


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