Day 56- Save the Music Foundation and Valentine's Sweets

I wrote about one of my students coming out of her shell last year.  It's fitting that I just got an e-mail from her the other day.  I'm thrilled that she keeps in touch with me and still remembers me every now and then even though I'm not still at her school.  She reminds me a lot of myself at her age, and she's special to me :).

This particular student is really involved in instrumental music, so I thought I'd donate to a place that supports programs like the one she loves so much.  My donation was made to the Save the Music Foundation.  Their primary goal is to "restore instrumental music programs" to give all students access to music instruction.  They believe in getting instruments into the hands of our students. 

Music has been proven in study after study to impact students in a number of positive ways.  I've seen the research, and I have also seen numerous real life examples of this, including the student I mentioned last year. 

Another donation, another great cause!


I love getting packages in the mail...

... especially when those packages are full of cookies and other sweets!  My parents are still my valentines.

Thank you, Valentine's sweets (and mom and dad!), you made my day.


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